7 For Jan

Alhamdulillah, as long as i remember, january this year is the highest amount of finished-read books i’ve done. My reading activities is increased rapidly to the top curve, seven books a month, THAT’S a new-my-world-record. One of the best part is, it followed immediately by my writing-mood. Iyey. I’m glad to find that 😀

Muchas gracias to BBI (Blogger Buku Indonesia). I’m so lucky to know you. The exact cause of my reading & writing frequent increase is my membership in BBI. Somehow, I don’t know why it can boosts me to review books after read them. I think the book-bloggers infect me with a good virus 😀

It is so exciting join with people who loves the same thing with yourself.

imageNow i’m trying so hard how my reading hobby goes in balance with my other activities and how it keeps stabil for a long time, hihi, you know, i’m a busy emak2 :p Happily busy 😀

So many books, so little time. – Frank Zappa


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