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[EF#5 Weekly Challenge] What is BEC to You?

After imagined grabbing a tool from Doraemon’s pocket last week, now we’re moving to the second challenge for BEC, the theme is :

“Please share what is BEC to you?”

Before, BEC is the acronym of BLOG ENGLISH CLUB. More details you can read here >> ABOUT BEC . The founders are Mas Ryan, Mba Nita, Mba Deva, Mas Dani, and Mas Andik. Holaa… 🙂

Actually I’m newly-joined, about one week ago. I knew BEC after peeking one of my wordpress-friends blog, Eka Azzahra, Thank you Eka 🙂

I was doubtful, because I was afraid I couldn’t make the challenge, as I said, I’m a happily busy mommy :p And the main reason is, I’m shy because I have a bad grammar. Don’t think I’m writing in english because I’m good in it. Big NO.

But my curiousity killed my doubt. Now you can see me writing english in a bad grammar in a happy way (-_-“) very horror ya. It’s probably can be a hits theme for a horror movie, a mother-of-two writing in a bad grammar happily (O.O)”

Now, What is BEC for me??

It is hard to pick words to represent “What is BEC for me?” Because it means a lot. It is a place for learning, makes relations to new people, and finding a new lessons. It also makes me and Google Translate become a good friend. Now everyday always there’s a tab for Google Translate in my office computer. I’m trying to read some books in English too, start from the thin and the easy one. It helps me to add my vocab. If you know me, you will know that’s an amazing progress hehe..

BEC makes me learn, that’s the point. And I love anything that makes me learn. Learning is one of the things that makes life worthwhile. 


7 thoughts on “[EF#5 Weekly Challenge] What is BEC to You?

  1. Ka Ira, you might want to correct ‘i’ with capital ‘I’, that’s the right way that I learned and the mentors has remind us before.

    Learning is one of the things that makes life worthwhile

    I’m so agree with this. 🙂

  2. ahahah,,,akhirnya nemu jugak… ternyata ini lagi ikutan challenge gitu ya raa,,,,, ish,,, keren lah ya,,,,
    boleh curcol lah ya disini…
    duuuluuuuuu bangeettt gw demen banget ngeblog ra,,,,
    tapi semenjak nikah,, perlahan pudar ra,,,
    kek ga pede gitu mo ngeblog,,,
    pernah sempet ngetik,,, etapi cuma dapet se paragraf,,,,
    jadi rada boring gitu,,,

    demen gw baca2 blog loe ini ra,.,,,

    keep blogging ya maakkk…..

    1. iye maak, lumayan buat nambah smangat nulis, bisa lihat disinih ya >>
      boleh donk, apalgi yg jomblo galau ksempatan bgt disini wkwk
      ngeblog lagi donnk mak fadhil, biar gw ada temen tuker pikiran gituh *tsaaah pret
      wkwk gw nulis ny masih amburadul mak, se-mood nya gw aja, masih yg ringan2
      siiippp, lo aktipin lg donk blog nya, siapa tw kita bisa mendirikan forum mak-mak blogger BMKGeh XD

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