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[EF#6 Weekly Challenge] Alter Ego

And Friday again 🙂 All praises to Allah…

The theme of the week for BEC is …..

Challenge week #6: Here comes my alter ego!

Alter Ego? I just knew that actually. Mr. Google has some anwers for what Alter Ego is. But what is the challenge wants to say is an alter ego as a second self.

An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life (wikipedia)

It’s a spooky definition. I prefer Alter Ego as a techno band from Germany.

I’m a little bit confused to write it down. I’m not perfect, but I’m happy being myself. This challenge makes me think hard (O.O)”

If I have an alter ego may be She is someone like Rosemary Bliss. She’s the central figure of The Bliss Bakery Trilogy Novel. The novels story about a family (Bliss Family) who use magic to run their bakery. While Rosemary Bliss was born to be a chef, I was born to eat, that’s why. I think it’s an amazing day become a chef who makes breads and cakes with an ancient and enchanted recipes.

But being someone else isn’t always better, right? We hope every day is going to be a good day, but some days aren’t. But you have to experience sadness to know happiness. Just a reminder to myself.

*By the way, I need two days to write this short post ^^”

*need hot tea on my messy desk


4 thoughts on “[EF#6 Weekly Challenge] Alter Ego

  1. I am always interested in magic. I have a favourite manga/comic story, Fairy Tail. Its core is full of magic. Fighting with magic, adventure with magic, and even on a love story the magic involved as well. Btw, penasaran ama The Bliss Bakery Trilogy Novel, kyknya menarik.

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