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[EF#7 – Weekly Challenge] Snap and Tell a Story!

Hello Friday, it is always a busy week but All praises to Allah we meet again 🙂

So here we go again, this week the challenge is…

“Snap and Tell a Story!”

It’s hard to pick which photo i want to share, because there are thousands in my handphone, but i think i will choose this one.

IMG20141014061736There are so many gates in Masjidil Haram, and Ali Gate is one of them. Yes, it’s Ali Gate. I took this photo in the last day in Makkah in Hajj Season between September to October last year.

During one month in Makkah, mostly i enter Masjidil Haram through Ali Gate, sometimes through Al-Arqom Gate, because they’re the nearest gate from the bus terminal I board every day from hotel to Masjidil Haram and back.

Ali Gate is located beside the Al-Arqam Gate, next to The Sa’i Place and near to Ka’bah. I felt need to take its photo in the last day, because I just feel like “i don’t know when I’ll come back to this place, to see this gate, to meet the people I’ve met.”

For many years I have wondered what it looks like the Ka’bah, and when I saw it at the first time, ya Allah, it made me fell to my knees and then cry. So many Indonesians cry when they saw Ka’bah. I’m sure you will do when you see It too.

To see Ka’bah and to go to Makkah are just like an Addiction, you want more and more and more. That is my feeling right now. Deep inside my heart I always pray and pray, I hope Allah gives me (and you) chances to go to Makkah and Madinatul Munawwarah again.


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