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The challenge of the week is about OOTD, Outfit of The Day. Actually I never posted about outfit before on my blog, but I have missed some challenges during this month.wpid-img_20150320_170317.jpg

This photo was taken by my husband this afternoon. I wore Khimar “Melangit”. It is one my favourite brand of Khimar. I usually buy Melangit at ElcitStore. And the bag is from Stiletto Books Publisher. You can find both of them at Instagram.

On that photo it looked like I was wearing a long dress, but it wasn’t. It’s a long t-shirt and A-Line skirt. And the shoes is my fave cheap plastic shoes hehe. I’ve forgot where I bought these three things.

I usually wear long dress or skirt for my daily outdoor activities. But it’s not because I’m feminine, I was a boyish girl hehe… My husband said my boyish side sometimes still come out accidentally.


The second photo was taken at National Library Building of Singapore. I was also wearing one of my fave khimar brands, Rifanna, and a long dress by Zoya. The shoes and the bag were bought at Batam Secondhand Market. You’re gonna love this market as I do :p

So they were, two photos for OOTD and OOTD few months ago :p



  1. Thank you for joining the challenge Mbak. 😀
    From several blog I read, online shops are their source of outfit. I think its a big business nowadays ya Mbak. Heheh. Sorry for OOT

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