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[EF#12 – Weekly Challenge] Your Means of Transport

I  live in a Village which not reached by public transport line, because my office is located in Airport area, far from the central city, near to the Maritime Boundary between Indonesia and Malaysia. We can Canoeing to Malaysia from here, ofcourse if you want to get some “adventure activities” with the Border Patrol Officers :p

So, if there’s a question Means of Transport for people like us, well, it means the world to us *lebay hahah

Actually, my little family live in one area with our (me and my husband) office. We live in official residence. We usually go to our office by foot.

But to reach the central city or even the nearest traditional market, we have to reach them by motorcycle. By foot or bicycle, it is ok, but it will takes long time, I have to cook before 7 am hehe..

So, vehicle is some kind of a-Must-Have-Thing if you don’t want to be kind of “mati gaya” people on this Island :p



*our daily views, these are in front of our residence. Next to these you will find the sea.


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