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EF#21 – Holiday Destination Under 100K ?

Hello, I’m back again. It has been a long time since the last challenge I’ve wrote. I’m so sorry my dusty blog 😦 *elap-elap-layar

The challenge of this week is so fun. And it is more fun when it becomes real. Like John Keats said, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”  And like I said every day in my dream, “Boss, I need a long holiday!” wkwk

“Holiday Destination Under 100K You Must See.”

It is hard to find a holiday under 100k here hehehe… First, our choices are slightly different since we have son, and so the budget. Second, everything is expensive when you live in the border of Indonesia. Third, there is not a lot of destination choice here. And Fourth, it’s a small island, left and right are sea 😀

Well, there are some, the beaches. Even they’re under 50k. But my whole life is about them wkwk… So I’m not thinking going to the beach is a-must-holiday-destination-list.

I think I want to try hiking with my husband and my son. The easy hikes of course 😀 Maybe we’re going to Jantan Mountain. Few years ago near Jantan Mountain there is one mountain, but now the Mountain is only a memory after the damage caused by granite mining.

It’s a very low budget short-trip. Because we take a supply of water and food from home, so I think it’s not counting in budget trip calculator, it’s in our monthly grocery budget. We only need a strong-willed heart :p

Can’t wait for friday.


10 thoughts on “EF#21 – Holiday Destination Under 100K ?

    1. I never write it in a special post in my blog, as I can remember.
      The mountain was in front of our office building, about 2 km maybe, but there’s no mountain left now. But until now we still hear the dynamite from the granite mining, they still work.

    1. Hahaha.. please visit beautiful kepri mas 😀 ini sdikit referensi mas, siapa tau sdikit tergoda >>

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