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There is one. Actually, it was’nt  a failed holiday, it was just a very sudden trip without any good preparation even a roadmap. But thank God it’s Johor Bahru, our neighbour, so we did’nt get any significant difficulty when we’re there.

We have a plan to go to Johor Bahru at the end of this year. But first week of May my father phoned me tell that my Uncle and my Cousin would come to Batam for holiday trip and they have plan to go to Singapore. So we decided to go back to Batam.

Because of my Father’s passport was expired, he asked my Husband to replaced him to accompany my Uncle and my Cousin to Singapore, they were having one day trip, while, me and my son were waiting and playing at Batam. Actually, my Cousin has told us that she want to go to Malaysia too, but she canceled it in the night when they’re back from Singapore.

But in the next early morning, from his bedroom (I’m in my old room) my Father phoned me (can you imagine, we’re in one place and my Father used cellphone to call me wkwk…), he asked me to accompany my Cousin to go to Malaysia, that morning, which meant I have 1 hour to prepared myself. In short, finally my Husband and my Son also joined our trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. My Husband was worried to let me go to Malaysia just with my Cousin.

We’re having one day trip.  I really want my Husband and my Cousin taste the real Teh Tarik and Prata in Johor Bahru, but it was’nt happen. We did’nt get much time to explore Johor Bahru. So it’s clearly, we’re not satisfied.

I hope we can explore Johor Bahru by spending more time in the next trip 🙂

*I think I have a lot of mistakes with my past tense 😦 anyone please tell me, Muchas Gracias


  1. I never been to Malaysia and tasting the real Teh Tarik and Roti Prata.

    For the sentences, I suggest you to write in simple sentences. I see that you wrote everything into one sentences. It is good for practice but it confused you also. Try to split those. Perhaps for the grammar, other will come and do some corrections.

    Btw, did you proof read your post before you published it?

    1. Kalo di malaysia nya langsung, pembuatan teh tarik itu jadi semacam atraksi gitu mas, soalnya bener2 ditarik panjaang didepan pengunjung kedai. Kalo di indonesia blum pernah nemu, kali didalem kedai ya narik2nya
      Makasih mas masukannya 😀
      Sbenernya dibaca ulang sih, cuma kayanya krn kapasitas english nya yg kurang jd ga tau mana yg mau diperbaiki lg hehe @.@”

  2. I first tasted Teh Tarik in Medan, Mbak, and I’m curious what is the taste in Malaysia would be like :haha.
    Greetings from Jakarta!

  3. Nice story, Mbak. Last year I failed to visit Singapore by Batam simply I didnt bring my passport hehe. It’s so bothering why I didnt remember it, but we didnt plan to go to Singapore in the first place though.

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